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Buying an Airedale puppy

Airedale Terriers are highly intelligent, adaptable and have a great sense of fun. Virtually non-shedding, they are tolerated by many allergy sufferers. They can and do make excellent family pets, companions and show dogs. If this is the right breed for you, here are some basic tips before purchasing:

Contact the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria for a list of responsible breeders on the Club’s Breeders’ Directory; these breeders are experienced in providing family pets/companions, as well as potential show dogs and, who abide by The Airedale Club and VCA codes of ethics.

  • Note, not all breeders on sites such as Gumtree or DogzOnline qualify for ATCV’s Breeders’ Directory
  • Not all ATC Vic. members who breed Airedales, are members of the ATC Vic. Breeders’ Directory as it is not an automatic entitlement.
  • Health considerations: Airedales have few health issues, and breeders should be happy to show the results of any health testing carried out such as HD hip score reports of both parents.
  •  Ask if this breeder is experienced in grooming, trimming Airedales – including hand stripping and, is he/she able and prepared to teach you if required?
  •  Should you choose to show, is this breeder able to assist with ring training and general show advice
  • Is this breeder forthcoming in providing information on ATC Vic. membership and activities should you wish to connect?
  • Check that the pup comes with an Australian National Kennel Council State body such as Dogs Victoria (Victorian Canine Association) pedigree/registration, is vaccinated and micro-chipped.
  • Ask the breeder about Main Register and Limited Register. Make sure you know which your pup will be on and why. If you are interested in showing you must have a dog registered with canine association on it's MAIN Register
  • ATC Vic Breeders’ Directory members should be happy to discuss any relevant queries you have.


(Breeders listed below have qualified for and subscribed to the ATCV's Breeder's Referral Service) Please note we are now able to include Interstate Breeders who meet our requirements on this list.







Contact details

Puppy availability (as  advised)

David & Dianne Barclay (Vic) Yorkpark

(03) 9735 1416


Puppies Available

Bob & Nessie Brooks



0455 719 268 ot (02) 6072 5481



Maree & Geoff Carroll



(03) 9439 9494


Puppies Due January

Lyn & Colin Duff



(03) 5166 1549


Male & Female Puppies Available

David Dunne &

Cathy Gale (Vic)


0419 090 209



Margaret Fittler



0417 854 462



Peter Hatton



(03) 9408 1343


Ron & Anne Sorraghan (Vic) Oldiron

0417 331 603



Sue Wilson



0401 468 138



Breeders, please advise airedaleterrierclub.vic+admin@gmail.com when your litter is sold.

Listings will be removed 8 weeks after they are published unless you advise puppies are still available


Puppy notifications:  Puppies are usually available to go to homes eight weeks after the litter is born, deposits are usually necessary to confirm a purchase and hold a pup.

For breeders:

When notifying email airedaleterrierclub.vic+admin@gmail.com with relevant dates, email (most reliable option) and mobile if you want them listed. Please check that numbers etc are up to date and inform webmaster by email when changes are required.  Litters will be removed 8 weeks after your notified date unless you let the Webmaster know that you still have pups available.

Breeders listed above may or may not have puppies
Where we are advised the puppy due date or availability is note

Warning!!! Pups are being sold in Victoria claimed to be Airedales that are not registered with Dogs Victoria and The Australian National Kennel Council. In some cases the parentage is uncertain. In some cases hip scoring Xrays, as expected of ATCV Members, have not been carried out. In some cases these puppies may have one or both parents that were purchased from legitimate breeders. Breeders who show their dogs commit to the breed and learn the art of breeding, raising, training, grooming etc. and will usually assist you by sharing their skills and their knowledge. Our breed has avoided puppy farmers in this country for over 100 years. Let us keep it that way.  The ATCV Inc. can however take no responsibility in any arrangement between you the buyer and a breeder. 


A litter of 2 week old Airedale Terrier pups                        

          An 8 week old puppy               


 Puppies at Play